Do you need a lawyer to file for divorce

Do I really need a lawyer to file for divorce?

You might be wondering; do I even need a lawyer to get a divorce? The honest answer is that you don’t, you could choose to reach an amicable state with your spouse and handle the necessary paperwork and filing yourself. This however is still a complicated and timely legal process, and thus it usually makes sense to hire a legal professional to handle this matter for you.

There is also situations where you may not be able to easily reach an amicable decision point with your spouse. A lawyer can therefore help to protect and insulate you from a difficult spouse, and take care of the legal and administrative aspects of a divorce. This includes making sure you don’t enter into a bad deal, attending court, and preparing all the necessary documents.

Assuming you have reached the decision to engage a lawyer to handle your divorce, what are some key factors you should look out for when choosing who to engage?

Strong Integrity

Part of a lawyer’s responsibility is to assess your case, and highlight both the good and bad aspects. good or bad. You should be wary of any lawyers that promise you a sure thing, no matter how much you want to hear it.

Be wary of lawyers who don’t ever disagree with your point of view. A good lawyer is focused on helping you get the best possible deal, and this may require them to disagree with you on certain elements.

You can rely on our lawyers to advise you on the strong, and the weak parts of your case.

Confidence grown from experience

You should look for a lawyer who instills you with confidence in their understanding of your case, the law, and the next steps proposed.

Being a good lawyer is not about wearing a fancy suit or having luxurious offices in the CBD. It’s about skills and experience, coupled with good old-fashioned hard work and preparation.

The accumulated knowledge and experience of our team of divorce lawyers will ensure that you will have the best representation.

Responsiveness to your needs

It’s truly impossible for a single lawyer to be on call all of the time, but a team can be. There is nothing wrong with engaging a lawyer who works solo, but can you be sure of their workload and ability to assign enough focus to your case?

We have a large team of over 20 lawyers and 30 support staff, ensuring that we have the capacity to handle any case with the dedication and attention our clients deserve.

Complete transparency

When reviewing lawyers to handle your case, you want to ensure that they are going to act in your best interests, and not just line their pockets.

One of the best ways to figure this out is to see if there is transparency in their fees. Some lawyers may entice you with a low advertised rate, only to find out later that there were many hidden fees.

At IRB we quote reasonable nett rates, which are inclusive of tax and disbursements, so you know exactly how much you must pay, before you take a decision on whether to engage us.

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