Divorce Knowledge Base

Learn about key elements of divorce law in Singapore, including the grounds, eligibility, and process involved.

Eligibility for Divorce

Am I eligible to divorce in Singapore?

In order to commence civil proceedings for divorce in Singapore, one of the parties filing for divorce is required to fulfil the requirements as listed
Do you need a lawyer to file for divorce

Do I really need a lawyer to file for divorce?

You might be wondering; do I even need a lawyer to get a divorce? The honest answer is that you don’t, you could choose to
Divorce process in Singapore

What is the process for divorce in Singapore?

Divorce in Singapore involves 2 stages, the Dissolution of Marriage and the handling of Ancillary Matters (which covers aspects such as custody of children, division of
Grounds for Divorce Featured Image

What are the legal grounds for divorce in Singapore?

When seeking a divorce in Singapore, it is compulsory for the party filing for divorce to prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down due